Family Mediation

family_76608408The goal of family mediation is to help families re-build, maintain and strengthen their relationships. All the family members are able to discuss and make difficult decisions together. Family disputes may include excess spending, drug and alcohol abuse, parent-child conflicts, sibling rivalry, bullying, school work, aggressive behavior, job responsibilities within the home, curfew, improper internet usage and family responsibilities.

Stepfamily Mediation

In stepfamily mediation, major tensions can arise when two separate families unite to become one. Mediation allows all of the family members to discuss and make difficult decisions together in a non-adversarial manner. Statistics show that second marriages are at a greater risk of ending than first marriages. Family members often have to deal with feelings of resentment and jealousy. In mediation, family members work together to conquer these emotions by discussing how to set guidelines and limits with each others children, address financial disputes, responsibility, punishments, and each party’s responsible with the other person’s extended family.