Workplace and Business Mediation 

shutterstock_58170730Workplace and Business conflicts may include bullying, partnership breakups, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, cultural diversity issues, compensation, poor work performance, and difficulties associated with the change in management or downsizing.

The goal of workplace and business mediation is to create a better work environment by maintaining and improving relationships between management, staff and co-workers.
Mediation allows businesses to address conflicts quickly and maintain their good reputations by keeping disputes outside of the courts and the public eye. Mediation sessions are usually conducted off site to create a confidential and private setting without fear that co-workers will have knowledge of this session. This atmosphere allows the parties to openly discuss the conflict and jointly find a workable solution which addresses each party’s concerns. As a result of mediation, job satisfaction is increased, the high cost of litigation is reduced, personality clashes are reduced, less absenteeism and teamwork and productivity are increased. Mediation is a Win-Win solution to conflict!

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